What is GalleryRipper?

GalleryRipper is a program to easily download images from multiple websites at the same time. No longer it is necessary to click and save every image separately (by right-clicking the image and choosing "Save Image As...") - for those wanting to download entire galleries of images, all that right-clicking could be maddening!

With GalleryRipper, you download all the images from up to 10 websites simultaneously in a few, quick and easy steps!


How does GalleryRipper work?

GalleryRipper has an integrated web browser. Each loaded website can be searched for images and links. During the search process, GalleryRipper creates 2 lists:
  • The first list [Links] shows all the links in the loaded website that point to subordinate sites.
  • The second list [Images] displays all the images in the loaded website that are at least the minimum image size (as defined in the program settings).
If you wish to download images from the website, you can select the images and then start the download.
GalleryRipper then establishes up to 10 parallel connections, first downloading the selected images, then following the selected links and downloading the images from the subordinate websites. Everything is saved on the local hard disk.
To selectively download only what you want, you can set the parameters of GalleryRipper. The minimum image width and height are only an example of the many setting options.

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