First Steps

This page gives an overview of how to use GalleryRipper.

1. First, in the Menu, click on [Extras], [Options]. The options window will be opened. In the options window, you can set all possible parameters – for example, minimum image size – and also choose the folder where downloaded images will be saved.
You can set the parameters however you like. If you experience problems, you can reset everything back to the default settings by clicking on [General] and then on [Restore default settings].

More information about settings

Scenario: Download all the images of a website

2. In the menu, click on [Extras], [Show navigation]. GalleryRipper then searches the loaded website for images; the navigation on the left side is generated by the contents.

The navigation consists of 2 lists:
  • A list of images of the minimum image size found on the loaded website. The minimum image size can be defined in the options.
  • A list of links found on the loaded website that lead to subordinate websites.
More information about searching for images on a website

3. Individual images (under [Images]) and also individual links (under [Links]) can be selected. To only download images, click under [Images], [Select all images].
All selected images will be downloaded in the next step!

More information about selecting images

4. To download all the selected images, click in the menu on [Extras], [Download images].

GalleryRipper downloads only the images you have selected. GalleryRipper then follows all the links and downloads the contained images. The status of the downloads can be tracked in the navigation.
The download can be cancelled at any time by clicking on the [Cancel] button.

More information about downloading images

5. Congratulations!All selected images have been saved on the local hard disk. To view the data, click in the menu on [Extras], [Show download folder].

Further help