Search All Images on a Website

In this section of the Help Pages, the search procedure for images on a website and the generation of the navigation lists are described.

Searching for all images on a website .

The search for images on a website is started automatically when the website is loaded in the integrated web browser.
During the search, 2 lists are generated for the navigation. More information about these lists can be found in the next section.
The search process can be customized using the following program settings:
  • [Minimum thumbnail height in pixels]
  • [Minimum thumbnail width in pixels]
  • [Minimum image height in pixels]
  • [Minimum image width in pixels]
Detailed information on these program settings can be found here: Program settings


During the search process, 2 separate lists are generated for the navigation:
  • The first list [Images] contains all images from the loaded website which are of the minimum image size (as defined in the program settings).
  • The second list [Links] contains all links on the loaded website that lead to subordinate websites.
It is possible that an image will be downloaded twice - the first time as an image, and the second time as an image link. In order to prevent this, the program settings [Minimum image width/height in pixels] can be adjusted.