GalleryRipper start

The start window |
At the launch of GalleryRipper, the start page will be loaded. At the top of the page, there is a place to type in a new URL (web address) to load a new website.

Search for images on a website

Search for images on a website |
After the website has loaded, GalleryRipper searches it for images.
While the website is being searched, 2 lists are generated:
  • A list of images found on the website of at least the minimum image size. The minimum image size can be defined in the options.
  • A list of links found on the website leading to subordinate websites.

Select elements to download

Select elements to download |
Select the links and pictures you want to download. Advertisements can be unselected.

Download the images

Download the images |
All selected images and links will be downloaded and saved on the local hard disk. Up to 10 downloads can be started at the same time, which can shorten the download time significantly.

Program settings

The options window |
All important settings can be adjusted in the options. These will be saved in the Windows Registry and applied for future use of GalleryRipper.

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